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I dare do all that may become a man

Could one young man rule the world if he only ruled the mob?

YMT brings together 40 of the UK’s most talented young performers for a bold re-imagining of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. In the year when London burned, young people ask: what is it to live in a world where violence equals power and people have nothing to lose?

This is a rapid-response creation made in the two weeks after the recent English riots, using the adult themes and emotions within the play. Visceral and violent; a fusion of movement, live electro-acoustic instrumental music and Shakespeare’s classic text. This is a work-in-progress performance of Macbeth for a new generation

Show Times

Friday 28th October - 7.30pm
Saturday 29th October - 2.30pm & 7.30pm

Tickets cost £7/£5 (concessions) 

If you can come and see this, it would be amazing. My biggest dream is to perform in the West End, and this is the next best thing. Seriously. I can’t believe that I’m gonna be performing in the Central London. It’s really amazing. Literally. Wow. Just. Wow. Below is the link for tickets :)


And if you do come. I love you :D

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