my mum constantly refuses to let me explain everything about my anxiety and panic attacks and how it affects me and how i behave etc. and i told her to try and research just the simple things about panic attacks and anxiety so that she knows more about how my brain works in anxious moments. however instead she rants at me and makes me feel guilty for being anxious and then she has the fucking nerve to tell me what triggers my own panic attacks and how i can stop it.

it’s like she completely forgets i have a fucking phobia and anxiety leaves me overthinking and worrying about ‘what if’. tbh i only get panic attacks and super anxious when i’m at home now. i wonder what that’s saying…

  1. miss-dawn-mott said: (cont)experienced. refusing out right to even try to understand though is NOT cool. *hug* im sorry she isnt more understanding.
  2. julietsbb said: oh jesus fuck -.- *HUGS YOU*
  3. u-4ia said: Omg that is my life. Hope you’re okay lovely xxx
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